Independence as a starting point

Independence as a starting point

Independence is the starting point for us to create and live according to our attitudes, in harmony with our surroundings.

Independence is intellectual and creative freedom, opening out to the world without ever settling for a compromise.

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Agricultural Society

Agricultural Society





Punks Do It BitterPunks Do It Bitter

Punks Do It Bitter

Punks Do It Bitter is a golden, slightly coated beer
with a creamy head and a good retention.

It releases inebriating citrusy aromas with a pronounced dominance of grapefruit, giving an immediate olfactory idea of how refreshing this beer can be, an idea which is then confirmed by its taste.
It has a light body and flows easily, but not hurriedly, towards a dry finish with a delicate and persistent bitterness.

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Indie AleIndie Ale

Indie Ale

The Indie Ale is characterised by a clear amber colour and a very compact creamy head. It displays a surprising balance between the abundant hoppiness and the use of malts.

The citrusy notes, typical of the hops used, live side by side with the sweeter undertones of the malts and with the caramel sensations which slowly mix with fruity, tropical and citrusy taste given by the abundant hoppiness.

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  • Antonio Terzi

    A mix of frankness, perseverance and romantic idealistic subversion, representing Elav’s right-hand hemisphere. The heart and belly of the brewery, as well as its main brewer.

    A firm believer in the independent brewer culture, intended as a form of sharing united withthe technical knowledge of artisanal brewing procedures.

    His objective is to bring
    Hop-awareness* into the world.

  • Valentina Ardemagni

    Extremely hard-working, her rationality keeps the madness reined in, trying to give clarity to Elav’s idea of beer - intended as authentic ethical and moral independence.

    The origin of the brewery’s name, representing Elav’s left hemisphere.

    Actively involved in spreading the Elav model, which is a lifestyle more than a product or brand.


  • "To Biografilm Festival, Elav represents
    an excellent example of the idea of partnership.
    Two entities that, despite being in different fields,
    have in common their passion, the research
    for quality and their care for details".

    "Two entities supported by engaging
    and motivated work groups.
    Elav is an organisation that understands partnership in a creative and constructive manner, with great reliability and effort".

    "We have many things in common:
    certainly the attention to quality,
    the strength of the workgroup and the dedication towards offering a unique product".

    Riccardo V.
    of Biografilm Festival
  • "Bergamo Film Meeting and Elav have a strong commitment in common, as well as great fascination in our own work guaranteeing the
    high quality which has always represented us.
    Both are entities which, starting from
    a strong connection with their area,
    have known how to build a strong image
    and important collaborations even outside
    the country’s borders".

    "Elav is an important and precious partner
    for us, one we have begun a very exciting itinerary with back in 2012 and with whom
    we are inventing new interesting events
    for the audiences of Bergamo and beyond.
    Elav is the ideal travel-mate we can share projects, ideas and new strategies with".

    Chiara B.
    of Bergamo Film Meeting

  • "Elav beer and Rugby have a wish
    to spend time together and a strong respect
    for the rules in common.
    Just like fifteen people help each other
    to reach their goal on the Rugby field,
    Elav Brewery works as a team to produce
    the best artisanal beers".

    "By respecting the rules of the game,
    both in Rugby and in beer making,
    the final result is guaranteed:
    drinking a delicious beer beside the Rugby field,
    both along with friends and adversaries".

    "Elav beer is strong, original and genuine.
    To Rugby Dalmine, Elav beer is the prize
    after a difficult match“.

    Nicola M.
    of Elav Rugby Dalmine