Società Agricola Elav

In 2014, the environmental soul of Birrificio Indipendente Elav generated the Società Agricola Elav
(Elav Agricultural Society), aiming to perfect the Brewery’s work with quality local ingredients,
thus making Elav’s artisanal beer even closer to Bergamo’s territories.
The hop field in the wonderful Astino Valley at the feet of Upper Bergamo and Cascina Elav, in Bergamo,
are the first two projects completed by the Society and express a desire to rediscover the features of a mother
who has always protected us and will continue to protect us: the ground.
The Society’s objective is to highlight the roots of our tradition, because the farming world - particularly in the Bergamo area -
is the custodian of thousands of years of culture which, according to Elav, must not go to waste.

Hop Field - Val D'Astino (Bergamo)

Hop Field - Val D'Astino (Bergamo)

In March 2015 the first of a series of new projects by the Società Agricola Elav was started: a hop field extending along the feet of Upper Bergamo, in the area surrounding the Vallombrosa Abbey. These 2 hectares extend on a strip of land which lies along the valley’s woods. Beginning with Spring 2015, this is where hops, herbs and red fruits are grown, all intended for the production of artisanal beers. About 70% of the grounds are taken over by the hop fields, while the remaining area is for the fruit and herbs which are used for the creation of experimental new beers. The hop cultivation includes the following varieties in cohabitation: Northern Brewer, Bramling Cross, Saaz, Chinook, Cascade.

This project by the Società Agricola Elav is included in the framework of a redevelopment of Astino Valley managed by the Bergamo Botanical Garden, Mia, Parco dei Colli and Slow Food to start up and maintain a space almost 100 hectares wide based on the doctrines of zero-km and of zero environmental impact.

The project was born from the involvement of companies such as the Brewery and local farmers who work with biological methods, uniting nature, culture and history. The capstone of these positive and sustainable intentions, faced towards the future with solid roots in the land, is the birth in Astino Valley of the field office of Bergamo Municipality’s Botanical Garden – the Valley of Biodiversity.

From tree planting to harvest, year after year, the land is the basic ingredient for the production of artisanal beer, which obtains its shape and its flavour at the brewery. The plants being farmed in parallel includes raspberries, blackberries, pumpkins, marjoram, dandelion, thyme, cumin, coriander, juniper and goji berries.

Astino Abbey is the cornerstone of the whole area. Founded in 1070 by the monks of Vallombrosa, the Abbey has seen 1000 years of history go by while the lands surrounding it never stopped devoting space, importance and energies to agriculture until 1797 when, under Napoleon, the convent was shut down and the lands were confiscated.

Cascina Elav - Bergamo

Cascina Elav - Bergamo

The lands of Società Agricola Elav also extend all the way toCascina Elav, a farmstead with a main structure dating back to the year 1200, located just a few kilometres away from Central Bergamo.

Besides the hectares of the prestigious Astino Valley (Bergamo), another three hectares of land will return to be farmed thanks to Elav.

The fields of Cascina Elav are full of history and traditions; its products, mainly barley and vegetables, will be used for the production of artisanal beers and for Elav’s new experimental productions.

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