Birrificio Indipendente Elav began in Comun Nuovo in 2010
as a self-production project for our premises, the Clock Tower Pub in Treviglio (Bergamo) and the Osteria della Birra
in the upper city of Bergamo.

Work, experiment and learn...

Work, experiment and learn are, for our Brewery, three indispensable motivations. In these years of great excitement and growth we have attempted to create the beers and the situations we like the most and that thrill us the most, so we can share them with our beloved customers who are constantly increasing and aware of the great uniting and sharing power which can often be hidden inside a simple glass of beer.


Our work method is artisanal, thorough, often almost obsessed with detail and always aware of the whole production process. With our new fully manual 2000 litre production plant, opened in 2014, we have succeeded in increasing production whilst maintaining that same Homo Faber mentality we had carried along ever since our beginnings.


We have brewed a number of beers and will brew many more, always looking for something extra: flair, insight, intuition, madness, just a few of the fundamental elements for us to always be “fermenting” and constantly looking for the beer of beers and for its visual representation, in the label which will describe its essence as imagined by the brewer during the production process.


We like to imagine our production process as a “voyage” towards Hop-awareness* ) a process of learning and discovery related toeverything that goes beyond the beer itself, so we can grow and evolve, and let our beer evolve along with us.

We are an artisanal and independent brewery both by name and by calling, because independence is the essential requirement for creative freedom and for one to devote oneself to research and experimentation.

* Hop-awareness: to go beyond the final product, which must always be an expression of excellence, so as to understand the meaning and the origin of what we have before us, as a result of hard work and creative ideas.

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Our logo


The symbol we chose to represent ourselves may look like a flower, but it is actually the graphic representation of an artefact dating back to over 7000 years ago, before the existence of writing, of any state and of any law, back when gynaecocracy had absolute power. Elav’s logo reclaims this prehistoric symbolism which portrays the image of the female genital organs, associated to the spheres of water and fertility, in turn connected to the ancient cult of the Dea Mater (Mother Goddess), she who gave birth to everything during humanity’s savage phase.
This symbol represents the seed of our spirit: creative strength, primeval instinct, worship for mother earth and her fruits, hop-awareness and a natural vocation for independence.