Cascina Elav

An authentic location, the fortress of Elav’s philosophy

Cascina Elav was founded with the desire to rediscover the features of a Mother who has always protected us and continues to protect us: the ground. We have decided to spotlight on this part of rural history, giving a present and a future to the roots of tradition, because the farming world - particularly in the Bergamo area - holds thousands of years of culture which, according to Elav, must not go to waste.
Starting in October 2016, just a few kilometres away from central Bergamo, renovation has begun with the clear objective of not depriving the building of its history, which is perfectly visible on its walls. The renovation and refurbishment of Cascina Elav will be the first step towards the completion of a multifaceted wide scale project which will take place over the next three years.

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The project...

The wide scale project, to be completed over the next three years, will include:

  • The first Agricultural Micro Distillery of Bergamo, where Elav will add to its artisanal beers the production of spirits such as bitters, whiskeys and gin.
  • A new Micro Brewery mainly intended for research on new recipes, with an analysis and research lab which will also open to other organizations as well as supporting Birrificio Indipendente Elav.
  • A holiday farm with 7 rooms and 14 beds, where true zero kilometre culture can be appreciated, with meals based on the flour and vegetables produced by Società Agricola Elav in the neighbouring fields.
  • A small health spa for guests of the holiday farm and others.
  • A space planned for theatre shows, film screenings, concerts, meetings, courses and workshops.

In 2019, once the requalification project is completed, the result will be a location where farming meets culture, tradition and art, and much more. A place where one may eat and drink, enjoy theatre shows, watch film screenings, purchase produce at the agricultural market and see live concerts, all this in full respect of the surrounding territories.


Opening Times

From June to September.


Via Muraschi 2