Our history

2000 - Our first location: Clock Tower Pub

The Clock Tower Pub, a historical pub in Treviglio, changes management with former employee Antonio Terzi becoming the new owner along with Valentina Ardemagni.

2003 - Birth of the Elav brand

Elav beer is first produced as a beerfirm.

2005 - Osteria della Birra opens

Elav opens the single brand pub in the historical area of their town, Upper Bergamo.

2010 - Birrificio Indipendente Elav opens

Production of Elav beer begins, with a small 300 litre production plant.

2015 - Arrival of the new production plant

Production increases: the 300 litre plant gives way to a 2000 litre continuous batch plant, still fully manual as before.

2015 - Birth of Società Agricola Elav (Agricultural Society)

The first fields are opened at the feet of Upper Bergamo Alta, in Astino Valley, in the area surrounding the Astino Abbey.

2016 - Opening of Cascina Elav

Elav has taken charge of the complete renovation of Cascina Pesenti, an ancient construction dating back to the 12th Century AD, which is now open to the general public in its summertime version.

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