Osteria della Birra

The Osteria della Birra first opened its taps in 2005
as a small and welcoming beer house in Piazza Mascheroni,
an extended rectangular Thirteenth Century city square
in the heart of the Upper Town, the gem of the city of Bergamo.

The 25 square metres of Osteria della Birra represent the spirit of Birrificio Indipendente Elav, which wanted to personally create something unique, magical and original. Supporting the idea of artisanal beer, the interiors have been designed with simple and traditional materials, making the atmosphere particularly warm and cosy.

The central space is completely dedicated to beer. Here the wood meets the stone, chipped out of a single block to form the countertop of the semi-circular bar counter which hosts the tap system. Underneath, starting from the small cellar, is where the beer flows - the true life-blood of the Osteria della Birra and of its visitors - who find this to be the ideal place to rest their thoughts surrounded by the beauty of Upper Bergamo.

The unique drafting system allows there to only be few metres between the keg and the glass, guaranteeing greater product quality and greater stability of service temperature, remaining constant in Winter and in Summer.

While the taste of a fresh beer restores their strength, guests of the Osteria can enjoy the historic Piazza Mascheroni, the ancient citadel of the viscount known as Firma Fides, where the Natural History Museum and the Archaeological Museum are now located.

The Osteria’s tables are placed on a mezzanine floor above the rest of the interior, and in summertime, when the shopfront is completely open, it feels like being on a terrace where one may admire all the beauty of the Upper City. The wintertime atmosphere is very welcoming, and as soon as one enters it feels like being in a true Northern European inn.

The Osteria della Birra is visited both by regular customers and by travellers from all around; the magic of random encounters awaits them all without fail, and even those who come in alone always find someone to chat with.

Looking around, there are all kinds of traces of true brewing life: on the walls, at the seats, on the shelves, in every hidden corner there are bottles, mementos and pictures which make the Osteria a paradise for beer lovers.

With the arrival of spring and then summer the Osteria expands, opening its Garden in a wide area in front of the entrance, in the fabulous Piazza Mascheroni, exactly where the city’s market would take place back in the 16th Century. Protected by hedges and flowers and lit only by candles, this space becomes a relaxed corner where one may enjoy the artisanal beers and the traditional dishes during long summer evenings.

The Osteria della Birra also found space for a small kitchen, a single square metre wide. Here, without the ambition to be an actual restaurant, small miracles are performed and a few delicious dishes, platters, sandwiches and artisanal flatbreads are prepared with great care and attention.

The hops and herbs used to produce the artisanal beer served at the Osteria della Birra are grown in the fields of the Società Agricola Elav, just a few hundred metres away in the nearby Astino Valley. In summer evenings, when the wind blows in the right direction, one may even feel their scent in the air and their taste in the beer glass.

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Opening Times

Monday - Friday:
12.00 - 15.00  |  18.00 - 2.00
Saturday - Sunday:
12.00 - 2.00

Address | Phone Number

Bergamo Alta
Piazza Mascheroni 1/c
Ph. 035.242440