Clock Tower Pub

"...the pub is where beer is elevated to a greater power, because it becomes the champion
of a cultural work which is only possible in the pub, where true PUB-LICATION occurs.
By this we mean the telling of true stories and lives, because it’s in front of a beer
that a thousand stories and secrets are told".

- Osservatore Elaviano -

It was back in 1994 that, underneath Treviglio’s clock tower, the doors of the Clock Tower Pub were opened for the first time, bringing a breath of international air to the capital of the lower Province of Bergamo.
Beginning as a typical Irish pub, the Clock Tower Pub has evolved with time and is now a modern pub which gives great attention and value to beer, as well as giving plenty of space to quality food and music events.
A traditional hangout, crowded every night and not just with locals, the Clock Tower Pub offers an extremely wide choice of beers on tap: twenty taps with constantly rotating Elav beers and truly rare guest beers.

The artisanal turning point of 2000

The turning point arrived in the year 2000, with the change of management which made Antonio Terzi go from employee to owner, along with Valentina Ardemagni.

In anticipation of a trend which was yet to spread widely, the couple decided to immediately abandon mass produced beers and move towards artisanal ones, becoming an important point of interest for all those interested in quality beers.

The exploration of the art of brewing resulted in the decision to be independent from large-scale distribution, instead choosing our own beers for our customers, without contractual obligations, thus officially becoming an “Indie Pub”.

In 2010, when the Birrificio Indipendente Elav was founded by the same owners, the Clock Tower Pub became the main venue for the brewery but, remaining faithful to the Pub’s historical principles, besides having Elav beers bottled and on tap there are several types of beers from guest breweries being offered on rotation, offering a wide variety that can satisfy all sorts of tastes.

The kitchen: brewer specialties and more

The pub kitchen offers a quality menu with cooking that privileges low temperature vacuum-sealed preparation, a delicate form of cooking that fully enhances the quality of the raw materials used, respecting their organoleptic properties.

“The hamburgers, a pub classic, need to be tasted, along with the freshly prepared pita bread which makes the difference thanks to its beer mixture. The softness of the meat is surprising, along with the speed in preparation; vacuum-sealed cooking is an added value for products which are already recognisable as high quality from the first taste. The pizza with beer dough is also tempting and, once tasted, light and crunchy: specifically the Vegan Pizza with pumpkin, Portobello mushroom and onion. The homemade desserts are also noteworthy, they can be chosen directly from a blackboard and beer is present here too, in the excellent Beer Tiramisu. All dishes are completed by the combination with a specific beer, and there is plenty of choice thanks to the beer’s twenty taps”. (cit. Italia a Tavola)

The music: just two steps away from the audience

Another fundamental component of the Clock Tower Pub and of Birrificio Indipendente Elav is music, equally high quality and also the result of careful selection.

The Pub’s regulars have already understood the pub’s mood, which offers excellent live music, intending it as a common good, organising ever-excellent free entry live shows.
The designated day for listening is Monday, the day off par excellence, which becomes the ideal night out once you decide to join us at our Pub. Music satisfies the soul, but before concerts one may also satisfy one’s stomach and (if you’ve been fast enough at making a reservation) enjoy the taster menu prepared specifically for that night.

The pub’s unusual stage highlights artists from all over the world. The magical atmosphere of the Clock Tower Pub, just a couple of steps away from the audience and just a few centimetres higher, has hosted Earl Thomas, Jojo Mayer, Christian Meyer, Ellade Bandini, Andrea Braido, Jake Walker, Gianluigi Trovesi, The Them, Imperial Crown, Damon Fowler, Michael Burks, Jonnie Kaplan, Push, Radius, Morris Albert, Don Dilego, Ian Seagal, Ronnie Jones, Eric Gales, Larry Mc Cray, Otis Taylor, Matt Schofield, Shawn Jones, Harry Manx, Big Daddy Wilson, Morblus, Kirk Fletcher and many more who have performed and will continue to perform on the Clock Tower stage, joining the audience in a cycle of beer and positive vibrations.

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Opening Times

Monday - Tuesday:
12.00 - 15.00  |  19.00 - 2.00
Wednesday - Thursday - Friday:
12.00 - 15.00  |  18.00 - 2.00
Saturday - Sunday:
18.00 - 2.00

Address | Phone Number

Treviglio (Bergamo)
Viale del Partigiano, 33
Ph. 0363.309511